Saturday, May 3, 2008

the nice spring light returns to the PCA clinic

A belated Happy May Day to all!

Acupuncturist and co-founder Ellen Vincent and a room full of people being treated.

We'd like to publish some original descriptions/testimonials/essays/poems on what a treatment feels like, where you go, who you become, the way time moves, etc.
Feel free to email us stuff and let us know if it's not OK to publish.

Here's an excerpt from Lisa Rohleder's "Working Class Acupuncture for Patients", available as a download or book from

Acupuncture works best in an atmosphere of quiet and internal focus.As one of our patients explained, "when I come in here I feel like I can let go of everything and get completely into my own internal space. I can concentrate on myself completely. This is my sanctuary. I don't even notice, much less care, what's going on around me."
Treating patients in a community space also allows a unique kind of synergy to kick in. When everyone in the room is in a state of deep relaxation, the energy of each individual treatment spills over into the whole and creates a powerful shared state, similar to the experience of group meditation - even though the majority of our patients are not meditators. That shared state in turn makes each of the individual treatments more potent. From that perspective, the community allows us to do more for each individual for less money. Furthermore, the patients are creating the healing atmosphere as much as the practitioners are, which helps us remember where the real strength resides.

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