Sunday, August 11, 2013

West Philly location closing in October

It is with heartbreaking sadness that I tell you this news.  In mid October, the west philly location of PCA needs to close down.  After facing a lease renewal and checking in with Bob, Sarah, and Billy, I learned that they all had plans to leave.  Other plans to bring people in fell through.  And I see no other choice at this point but to close.  I am so sorry. 

I hope you will all continue to get as much treatment there as you can up until the end, and then I hope that you will be able to make it out to our Mt. Airy location at 538 Carpenter Lane.  I can also recommend Barefoot Doctor Community Acupuncture Clinic, if Fishtown isn't too far for you.  If you have gift certificates and/or credits in our system, please use them up or if you can't, they will be redeemable in Mt. Airy. 

I realize and regret that this leaves a gaping hole where there used to be affordable acupuncture in west philly.  I know of someone who is thinking of opening something up there in a couple of years, but if any of you are interested in petitioning the People's Organization of Community Acupuncture to try to get another clinic going out here, the first thing to do would be to become a POCA member.  POCA exists in part for this very reason:  so patient members can work through a greater network to try to get a clinic opened in their community. 

The past six years, almost to the very day, have been amazing, thanks to you, our patients and supporters.  I know that everyone who has worked as an acupuncturist at PCA has been able to say that they truly love their job.  I believe I can speak for Korben Perry, Rebecca Parker, Lou Cutler, Sarah Lefkowich, Billy Scott, and Bob Conrique when I say this.  I know I loved every minute of being there, and having the privilege of working with you all.  PCA could not have happened either without the immeasurable help from our front desk POCA volunteers, coordinated by Zem Chance and then Cara Raboteau.  I thank you all, and wish I could say goodbye in person. 

with love from Tucson,