Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Case for Working with Our Hands

One reason we love our jobs is that we're lucky enough to work with our hands, and with other people, every day. Here's a great article about the "trades" and working with one's hands.
(Thank you once again to Nora from Detroit Community Acupuncture for this link.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Local TV News Story on PCA

Philadelphia Community Acupuncture was featured on Fox News in Philly last night. Check out the clip here.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Acupuncture is Like Noodles. New Book on Community Acupuncture now at PCA

For 20 - 25 bucks, you can own the wonderful, radical, and important new book by the founder of the Community Acupuncture Network, while helping raise money for our clinic.

"Acupuncture is Like Noodles: the Little Red (cook) Book of Working Class Acupuncture", by Lisa Rohleder and the staff of Working Class Acupuncture in Portland, is meant to be read by patients and other non-acupuncturists interested in the community acupuncture model, and "the calmest revolution ever staged".

' Noodles' does a great job simply and clearly explaining what acupuncture is (and isn't), why thousands of people are getting treated every week at community acupuncture clinics around the country, and what this might mean for health care in general.

Rohleder and others, including us, founded and run The Community Acupuncture Network, or CAN. CAN's intention, and that of the book, is to expand the scope of interest and activism in all matters of affordable acupuncture to include all who have interest in the revolution - in order for current and additional clinics to develop and thrive.

We support the idea of multiple community acupuncture clinics in Philadelphia and in every city. We don't support acupuncturists or other health care providers using the buzz and language of community acupuncture to attract clients to their essentially boutique style clinics.

We invite you to pick up a copy of 'Noodles' at PCA', and join a powerful wave of everyday
people advocating for affordable acupuncture and keeping the revolution moving forward.

$1 from each sale of 'Noodles' will be donated to CAN - and used as part of upcoming
initiatives to help secure the growth of future budding community acupuncture clinics. And, about $10 goes straight to Philadelphia Community Acupuncture

If you'd like to see the book, you can look at this link, but be sure to buy one from us next time you come in for a treatment.