Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ellen is moving to Arizona

It's so weird to be writing this just about a year after Korben left.  I thought I was going to be here forever.  Which was a very strange thought to have!  I have moved around a lot in my life so the idea of staying here, at PCA, in Philly for possibly the rest of my life was really, really strange.  Turns out I was wrong about that anyway.

I have told a lot of you and many of you have heard it through the grapevine anyway, but here it is, all official:  I am moving to Tucson Arizona in the beginning of August.  It has been a crazy year trying to even think about the possibility of moving and all that moving entails, especially considering that I also helped open our second location this year.  And now it turns out that it's actually happening, really soon.

Besides saying goodbye to family and friends, by far the hardest part about this move is saying goodbye to PCA's patients.  I have known some of you for so long that you still think my daughter is two years old (you know who you are).  I literally hate to think about leaving you.  I don't want to leave you.  If I could bring you with me I would, because I wouldn't want to live without seeing you on a regular basis if I could help it.  I don't care if this sounds unprofessional, it's true:  I love you.  Thank you all so much for being such a huge and beautiful part of my life.  I hope you know how much your presence at the clinic has mattered to everyone else there.  It matters to the people who work there and it matters to the other patients too.  It matters to the whole community.   I have tried to tell some of you this, and I hope it got through, but please...  don't disappear just because I'm not going to be there anymore.  You are too important.  It's not going to be the same, I know.  It will be different.  It always is though, isn't it?  Life.  It will be good.

You will see me again.  Not on the regular schedule, but I'll be back in Philly.  Probably when you least expect it.  I am grateful to Billy and Sarah and Zem and all the front desk volunteers who will be taking good care of West Philly.  I'll be keeping my eye on things from afar.  Bob Conrique, a new graduate, is also going to be joining the team in September.  And check this out -- my mother was his high school librarian!!!  Such a small world.  As for Mt. Airy, Meghan will be working solo in August until Erin gets her license, and then it'll be a nine-shift clinic!  Thanks to everyone who helped get #2 up and running this year, and especially to my business partner Erin Schmitt.  I will be back there too for sure.  And in the meantime, I will miss you.

oh -- just in case you want to know, I will be working with my friends at Tucson Acupuncture Co-op.  I found a good school for Uma and she is excited about the move too.  Wish us luck.  And come visit.

love,  ellen